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We are a leading ka band high speed satellite internet service provider, providing affordable, fast and reliable high speed internet access across Africa. Technology and innovation are at the heart of eAfrika, created with the aim of reducing the digital divide between countries of the North and the South. We support all African organizations in their expansion by optimizing all means of communication. We have a young and enthusiastic team of telecommunications experts, whether in our UK or Africa offices, we are ready to support you 24/7.

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Casimir Berthier FOTSO
CEO & Visionary
Derval Detien DONGMO
West Africa Manager
Head of Central Africa
Technical Manager

What Services am
I Providing?

Ka-band broadband Internet by Satellite

We provide satellite internet using our high speed ka band satellite reaching up to 35 Mbps. You have the option of getting broadband even in remote areas. We provide secure, resilient, and immediate satellite capability. Our Ka-band technology uses more economical frequencies than other bands, providing better quality, better performance and faster services.

24/7 Customer Support

We train and provide support to our partners and customers on how to install and use our services. Our team of experts in Cameroon and the United Kingdom is at your service to answer all your requests. If you need information, help with installation or repair / replacement of damaged equipment, we are here to help.


Voice over IP is a system that allows the transfer of voice and data over the Internet. The transmission process is the same as for conventional data. VOIP does not need additional installation because it uses the cabling of the Internet network, which decreases maintenance expenses

Network Solution

Of solutions of network for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that can take over your wired and wireless infrastructure, ultraperformante.Nous intervene in achieving corporate networks, creation and evolution, both physically (Wiring, chutes, patch bay, bay accessories, supply of servers, etc.) than at the logical level (configuration of workstations, servers, firewalls, etc.).

Risk Management

Additional Services

Solar Energy

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In 33 countries , covering 98% of the sub-Saharan population.
In areas where many ISPs offer slower service - or no service.

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